Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline to register?

Online pre-registration closes at 11:59pm on August 14th.  Please keep in mind it is important to register as early as possible so Rampage at the Ridge can better estimate numbers and sizes for gear. In addition, the price of registration also increases as we get closer to the event, so it’s an incentive for you to register early. If you miss the online registration, you can register on the day of the race for waves that have not sold out yet. Arrive at least one hour prior to your desired start time. ONLY pre-registered participants are guaranteed a participant T-shirt.

Can I cancel or transfer my registration?

Because there is a significant and unrecoverable expense that is incurred with each registration, we simply cannot offer refunds. However, we do allow you to transfer your registration to someone else on the day of the race for $10. The individual taking your place will need to bring a copy of your ID (print or digital) and check-in at the troubleshooting line under the registration tent. They should also have their own ID ready.

Can I change my start time?

You can change your start time on the day of the race to one that isn't sold out by paying a $10 fee at the troubleshooting line under the registration tent.  

Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes, absolutely. When you arrive on event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge that participating in the Rampage event you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, we suggest you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event. Approximately two weeks prior to the event, the waiver will be located in the info packet and will also be sent directly to any registered participant via email. Remember your driver’s license will have to match your name and signature on your waiver on event day.



How much does it cost to register?

Prices are listed out per individual on our pricing page. You must fully complete the registration process to lock in your price. If you do not pay before the next pricing tier, we cannot extend the price of registration. We do offer special rates for veterans and service members since that’s what this event is all about!

In addition, youth age 13-18 are also able to register at a reduced rate to make it more affordable for families interested in running together and volunteers also receive a discount (see Volunteer page for more info).

Are the prices per individual or per team?

Costs to participate in Rampage are per person, not per team. Each participant will need to pay their own registration fee. You can however join a team through the registration process.

What is included with my paid participant registration?

All pre-registered participants get entry to the Rampage event and access to run the timed course, a Rampage T-shirt, a Rampage swag bag, finishing medal and free beer. To view your time, you can access the free mobile app It’s Your Race. If you participated in the event last year you’ll be able to compare your time!

** Note: On event day, you'll be given whatever size T-shirt you requested when registering. There won't be an option to switch sizes. The T-shirts are 100% moisture-wicking polyester. When selecting your T-shirt size you can refer to the size chart below:


Women's Shirt

BUST With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under armsand around the fullest part of the bust.

Men's Shirt

CHEST With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and over the fullest part of the chest.

What are the online processing fees?

The processing fees are standard online fees that help process and run your transaction for your Rampage registration. These fees are charged to all customers and cannot be waived. So for instance, the Standard Registration fee is $65, however, you will be charged a total of $69.85 with processing fees.

What do the different price levels mean?

The names of the different prices levels are simply for fun. The distinction is made by the date, as the different price levels will correspond with the date of registration. The earlier you sign up, the less expensive the tier. The deadline to register is displayed on the current available price level. After the deadline passes, the next price level is in effect until registration closes before the event.


Are teams required to finish together?

Teams are not required to finish together.

How big can teams be?

There is no team limit. We have no minimum or maximum for team size. So start recruiting them now!

Can the size of a team change?

Yes, you can continue adding members to your team until registration is closed.

Do all team members start at the same time?

Wave starts will shut down online once they are full. We encourage you to have all of your teammates register at the same time to ensure you can run together. Once you receive your official start time, you will not be able request a different start.


Do I have to raise money for my run?

Absolutely not. We do however encourage you to do so and give yourself the opportunity to earn fantastic incentive prizes.  Click HERE to view all of the fundraising incentives for 2018! **Top 3 fundraisers earn a $200 gift card in addition to their tiered prize.

Can I get someone to sponsor me?

Yes, you can have a business or person sponsor you, however we cannot set this up for you. Participants or teams will need to do this on their own. We do not have any forms to offer sponsors for this.

Can I raise money for a different charity?

No, Rampage at the Ridge is directing all dollars raised to United Way of Northeastern Minnesota’s United for Veterans which develops local veterans programming in northeastern Minnesota. For more information on our work please visit


Can I pick up my race packet before event day?

Definitely, we hope you will! This year packet pick up and the Rock the Ridge pre-party will take place at the Burnt Onion event center at Giants Ridge beginning at 5:30p.m. Rampage participants can enjoy music by opening band Hangfire and at 8:30p.m. MALLRATS Band will take the stage. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Beer tasting will also be available!  Click HERE to view all of the Pre-Party details!


What should I bring to the race?

• Your signed waiver and I.D. (click here to download participant waiver)  All participants and volunteers are required to sign a waiver in order to enter the event. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for them. If possible, print and sign your waiver prior to event day to speed up the check-in process. There will be a limited number of waivers on site and you will not be allowed to check in without one. Remember, your I.D. must have your picture if 16 and older and match the signature on your waiver. Your I.D. allows us to verify your age which is important as we are handing out free beer to participants after the race. Only those who have had their I.D. checked will receive a wristband for their free beer.

• Cash/Debit Card/Check – for concessions, beer, pop and merchandise. ATMs will be available, however we strongly recommend cash in case ATM service is interrupted. In addition, cash will eliminate long lines which will result in you being hungry and thirsty much longer than you need to be.

• Yourself: Hydrated with water and not alcohol and outfitted with a good pair of normal running shoes (spikes and cleats are absolutely prohibited).

• Other items that we think are essentials: - *Plastic bag to put your muddy clothes and shoes in. *Dry clothing to change into after the event (including dry undies and bra) - *Towel - *Extra pair of shoes or flip flops - *Swimsuit (there is a beautiful lake across from the base of the hill) - *Costumes with creativity and a sense of humor are always a plus - *Sunscreen.

Is there a bag drop?

Yes, there is a free bag drop available for all. While Rampage at the Ridge cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, we will have volunteers overseeing the bag drop at all times to eliminate stolen property the possibility for stolen property. We will use your bib number you were assigned when picking up your registration packet on event day to mark your bag so ONLY YOU can pick it up. We recommend you do not bring the following items on to the course: wedding rings or other expensive jewelry, sunglasses, your prescription glasses, wallet, car keys, cell phone or anything else you don't want to lose or destroy.

Will there be alcohol at the event?

Yes, there will be alcohol available for sale at the event. All participants of legal drinking age will receive one beer as part of their registration which they can collect after they cross the finish line. Anyone under 21 that finishes the race receives one root beer.

What's available to eat?

Giants Ridge has put together an awesome menu which will be available for purchase at Rampage.


How fit do I need to be to participate?

While Rampage at the Ridge is meant to be a fun experience, your stamina and endurance will be tested. We would advise training beforehand. Recruiting a team may also help in the challenge of the event.

Is there an age requirement to participate?

Yes, you must be 13 years of age to participate in the Rampage at the Ridge 5K for legal and insurance reasons. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule, not even with parental consent. There is however, no age limit.


What obstacles are going to be at Rampage at the Ridge?

Check out our obstacle map to look at some of the obstacles that are being created. This will give you an idea of what to expect on event day. We cannot guarantee all obstacles will be exactly as described, but we try our best.

Can I skip obstacles?

Yes, Rampage at the Ridge is not a race, so it’s fine if you want to skip an obstacle. Anyone who is at risk of our electric-related obstacle (due to medical concerns) or cannot swim (or would have a difficult time in water) is strongly advised to skip these obstacles, as safety is important to us. We also advise speaking to a doctor to evaluate any specific circumstances.

Are there water stations and snacks on the course?

Yes, Rampage at the Ridge will have multiple water stations along the course. The Kids Course will have water stations as well.

Are there bathrooms at Rampage at the Ridge along the course?

No, there are no bathrooms along the course itself, however there are bathrooms throughout the base of the hill, including at the start line.

Is there medical staff on the course?

Yes, Rampage at the Ridge will have first aid stations along the way to tend to any and all injuries. We will also have a medic station at the base of the hill for participants to use before and after they cross the finish line. Staff will be there to assist you with any injuries or treatment you may need.


How can I be notified with event updates?

Download the free mobile app It’s Your Race on your Apple or Android phone. This app will have event details all in one place, includes nearby places and attractions and most importantly, your results on race day.

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How old does my child have to be to run the one-mile Kids Course?

Suggested ages are 2-12 years old (an adult is required to accompany children under 6). Many parents walk/run the course with their child(ren).

How long is the Kids Course?

The Kids Course is approximately one mile of up and down terrain on the ski hill.

How much does it cost to run the Kids Course?

Registration for the Kids Course is $20 per child and includes a Rampage T-shirt, swag bag and glass of root beer (guaranteed only to children pre-registered by August 14th).  On race day, registration increases to $25.

**Note: On event day, you'll be given whatever size T-shirt you requested when registering. There won't be an option to switch sizes. The T-shirts are 100% moisture-wicking polyester.


CHEST With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and over the fullest part of the chest.

What time does the Kids Course open/close?

The Kids Course opens at 10:30 a.m. and closes at 2:30 p.m. There are no specific wave start times. Open to run at any time while the Kids Course is open.

Can my child run the Kids Course more than once?

Yes, kids can run the course as many times as they would like!


Spectators must stay in designated spectator areas. Spectators are not permitted to go on the hill and follow the course with participants. Only registered photographers, medical/safety personnel, registered volunteers, Giants Ridge staff and United Way Staff are permitted.

What can spectators bring or not bring?

They can bring:

They cannot bring:

How old do spectators need to be?

There is no age limit on spectators, anyone is welcome to watch. There is a $5 donation per vehicle to enter/park at the event. Each spectator in the vehicle will receive 10 free raffle tickets. Parking donations are also directed towards programming for United Way of Northeastern MN's United for Veterans initiative.

Do I have to sign a waiver to spectate?

No, spectators are not required to sign a waiver.



Train helps prevent injury. Proper training before the event is key to effectively covering the 5k course and 20 obstacles without injury. The course will test your strength, stamina, agility and mental toughness.

If you have pre-existing injuries or know medical conditions, consult with a doctor before you sign up for Rampage at the Ridge.


A variety of weather conditions may present themselves on race day. Heat, cold and rain are facts of weather in MN. Apply waterproof sunscreen to all exposed areas. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses. If you feel dizzy please take a break and if needed seek medical attention.

Make a plan to have a change of warm, dry clothing as soon as you cross the finish line. Remember dry, clean socks, and undergarments, too! ** Hydrate:**

Seriously, HYDRATE! No matter what the weather, be sure to get enough water in before, during and after race day.

Show Up Heathy:

If you are sick on event day, do not participate. Your illness may be contagious and may put others at risk.

Dress to Impress:

No we don’t mean designer clothes, but do consider moisture wicking fabrics that will dry quickly or can be cleaned easily. Tight fitting clothes will help you avoid  snagging on the barbed wire. You may want to wear long sleeve and pants or compression sleeves and tops to protect your forearms and shins when crawling. Also, take into consideration your footwear. Make sure it is sturdy and that you don’t mind them getting muddy - we mean really muddy! NO CLEATS ALLOWED!! Lastly, make sure costumes (if you choose to wear one) are not going to be a hazard.

Water Safety:

Never jump or dive into water pits headfirst. Flips off of obstacles are also prohibited.

Keep your mouth closed when entering water or mud obstacles.

If you are not a confident swimmer or uncomfortable in the water, please skip the obstacle.

Know your limits and listen to your body:

Do not attempt any obstacle you are not comfortable with. All obstacles are optional, and the most important thing is to cross the finish line with no injuries and a smile on your face.

If you feel unwell during the race, take a break. Remember at the end of the day it’s not about the race, but the challenge.

There are medical personnel throughout the course in red medic shirts. If you need assistance please tell a volunteer at an obstacle or flag one of the medics down they will assist you.

Since 2014, we've raised $168,000 benefiting United for Veterans!

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