2018 Course

It's time to start training! 

No. 1 - Oh HAAAY

Hurl yourself over stacks of hay bales and become the king or queen of this mountain.

No. 2 - Waterworks

Pull yourself backwards through a pool of water with only inches of head space to spare! We hope you aren't claustrophobic, or afraid of the water...

No. 3 - Creep and Crawl

You'll be eating mud as you crawl through barbed wire set inches from the ground.... uphill!

No. 4 - Pinnacle Point

Climb up this 12ft wall and then work up the courage to descend the other side, we’ll provide the wet muddy ropes to help you on your journey.

No. 5 - Twisted Timbers

Weave your way through a maze of ropes in this trail of timbers.

No. 6 - Pick Your Pain in Tire Territory

Climb your way through this giant pile of tires and spin a wheel to determine your next drill

No. 7 - Arctic Blast

The name says it all... run uphill, then downhill through snowsticks blasting ice cold water that increase with intensity until you slide through culverts at the end.

No. 8 - The Shrivler

You'll find yourself swimming through a dumpster of ice cold water and ice! 

No. 9 - Anton's Alley

Be prepared! 

No. 10 - Tunnels of Anguish  

Slither your way under barbed wire through muddy tunnels and come out with a gritty smile! 

No. 11 - Cliff Hanger

Climb through slippery terrain on the NEW rocky top - you'll be asking for OLD rocky top again after this one. We're giving you half a chance - find the guide rope halfway up for some relief.

No. 12 - Leap of Faith

Maintain your momentum and coordination while jumping from log to log over a pit of mud.

No. 13 - Surprise Obstacle!  

No. 14 - Spider's Lair 

We hope you aren't afraid of heights as you climb across our cargo net suspended 12ft. over the trail! 

No. 15 - Over and Under

Crawl over and under beams while you're "rained on" by the infamous snow sticks.

No. 16 - Mud Mounds

Swim, crawl, walk, trudge through three trenches of mud.

No. 17 - High Rise 

We doubt you'll get any grip on this slanted wall...you'll be wishing for a pair of wings as you pull yourself to the top.

No. 18 - Slippery Slope 

This insanely slick obstacle will have you flying down greased up tarps into a pit of muddy water. Did we mention its about 200ft long?

No. 19 - Scratch and Tickle

Stealthily wind your way through these live wires if you think it’s possible, otherwise barreling through might be a better option. Remember, it’s just a little scratch and tickle before you cross the finish line.


Leap over the logs on fire making sure not to roast your bottom right before the finish line! 

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